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The Hiraeth Club is an ongoing story about grief, and our processing of it.
‘Hiraeth’ is a Welsh word which apparently has no direct English translation, while it is linked to the general feeling of longing, it also evokes an irretrievable loss – a unique blend of place, time and people that can never be recreated. Being Welsh myself, it seemed a good fit for the tone of this story. 
My sister died around 20 years ago, but I still find myself going to text her about something in the news, or wondering what she’ll think about an event like Brexit or Covid. Part of me knows exactly what she would think about a news story but, of course, 20 years would have passed for her too, so it’s entirely possible that she would be a completely different person to the one I knew all those years ago. As thoughts like this sometimes keep me up at night, I thought Id write about it.
In all honestly, the story I am writing is my second attempt at it – I abandoned an earlier version as it was just too emotionally difficult. With this second attempt, I have drawn it from the point of view of a representational figure – Gerald -with whom I can voice my thoughts, while also having a story of his own, which is somewhat removed from what I went through – lets hope that I can last longer with this format…
I hope the following tale resonates with readers.
I can be contacted on Twitter and Instagram as @garethcowlin or, should you wish, I can be emailed at

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