Solace – The Grief Calendar


  • Perfect bereavement gift for anyone who is navigating their own personal grief journey.
  • Most of us feel helpless when it comes to supporting our bereaved family and friends. This grief calendar is just the thing to gift to someone when there simply are no words.
  • This calendar helps you to make sense of the confusion of grief.
  • Can be used again and again, every year so it won’t have to go to landfill.
  • Made from100% recycled material.

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A beautifully compiled calendar which brings a relatable grief quote or sentiment for every day of the year.

Since we will all grieve in this lifetime, we need to learn to do it well. And it’s hard to do it well, there is no one right way.

But when we are capable of talking about grief and telling our story, we can normalise it and it will eventually become easier for us to process.

We want you to use this calendar to help you connect to the deep well of grief and allow yourself to feel it and understand it.

Compact and modern in design, this desk calendar will add the wow factor to any space, either in the home or the office.

The inspirational grief quotes inside this calendar will explain your thoughts and feelings, help you to find light in the shadows and to find peace throughout your day.

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Dimensions20.5 × 14.8 cm