We are three sisters: Edel, Maeveen & Cathy whose youngest sister Triona died suddenly and unexpectedly in hospital on the 27th February 2017.  As we desperately tried to navigate the utter devastation following her death we quickly realised that there is little to no support specifically for adults whose brother or sister has died.  In fact we quickly learned that there is more written about coping with the loss of a pet than the loss of a sibling. In grief work siblings are often described as the “forgotten mourners” and Siblings report that they feel their grief is overlooked and not valid.  We have created Sibling Grief Club to try to address that anomaly.

Following our sister’s death, we found ourselves in a place that none of us knew, it was cold and unfamiliar and it was frightening.  We turned to google for help and found none.  We were on our own in trying to figure out this new and lonely world.  Professional face to face therapy was not an option for us in the very early days, it was recommended by grief workers that we wait at least 12 months before embarking on any counselling programmes.

Looking For Answers

Despite those recommendations we knew we needed something, some guidance, some sense of peace and some comfort.  We stumbled through those first couple of years, some of us in and out of therapy, some of us on medication, we even went to mediums in a desperate bid to help us figure things out.

The Eureka Moment

In 2020, three years after Triona died, Maeveen, the second oldest sister, became pregnant with her second child.  In the midst of a global pandemic all antenatal classes for pregnant women had been cancelled and she sought out online providers for herself and her husband.  She found a brilliant online course delivered by qualified midwives with a specialist interest and qualification in the practises of hypnobirthing. It was whilst participating in this course she realised that if there was a grief therapy equivalent for siblings which could take you by the hand and guide you through what you are experiencing as a person who is grieving she absolutely had to find it.

She searched, but to no avail and so, as they say, “the rest is history”.  Sibling Grief Club was born. 

Navigate your individual grief journey with a community of grievers

 It is our hope that you will come here, allow us to take you by the hand and walk with you on your grief journey.  It is also our hope that here you will find what it is you are looking for, because we did.

Who we are


Edel is the oldest sibling. She is married to Aiden and a full time mummy to Megan, Caitlin and AJ.  She loves going to the gym, hiking and spending time with the kids. Going on adventures as a family and making memories is very important to her.


Maeveen is married to Kevin and mum to Pearse and Seán.  She works full time as a Constituency Office Manager.  She enjoys being involved in community activism, volunteering for various organisations and charities in her spare time.


Cathy is married to Edwin and mummy to Oisin, Fionn and Caela.  She works in her own hair and beauty salon and loves the gym and running.  She is always busy taking the kids to and from football practice and matches, they are a soccer and gaelic crazy family.  

Our Parents

Mum and Dad to the four of us girls are Rosaleen and Patrick.  They have been married for 46 years and raised us all with absolute devotion, love, and continual support.  We have always had a strong sense of how fortunate we were to have such a secure and happy upbringing.  We know not everyone was as lucky and so we have always had deep gratitude for our parents.

Mum and Dad taught us so many wonderful values that have stood us in good stead. We knew the difference between right and wrong, we were taught to help people whenever we could, to have good manners, to work hard, to play harder, to love, to be resilient, and know-how to stand up for ourselves. We would not be the people we are today, who have achieved what we have, and survived what we have without our very special mum and dad.    

We are absolutely blessed and proud that our parents continue to do everything in their power, each and every day in life, to make us, their children and grandchildren, feel happy, supported, and beyond loved. Thank you both for everything, we love you, always.